About the company

The company FUTURPOL, Ltd. was established on 5 March 1997 by entering in the Commercial Register maintained with the Regional Commercial Court in Ostrava, Section C, Insert 15231, with the subject of enterprise "Production and repairs of special-purpose machines and Manipulation with cargo and storage" and "intermediating activity".

Main activities

The main activities of our company include designing, production and sale of automated systems for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries for storage, dosing and transporting bulk raw materials and production of doughs and their subsequent processing into the form of semi-finished and finished products. Our partners in this activity are the companies CEPI S.p.A. and MIXER S.r.l. from Italy, RH-Technik from Austria and other leading European manufacturers of machines and equipment.

Company background

Our company has its registered office in two adjoining buildings. There are a reception desk, meeting room, business department, training hall, and material warehouse on the ground floor of the first building. On the first floor of this building, there are the economic department office and the company management office. The second building is used by technical and service teams of the company. In the building, there are the workshop for electricians and the workshop for mechanists, the office of main technician, the changing room for technicians and a kitchen with a dining room.

Food Industry

  • flour economics and automation of dosing of bulk and liquid raw materials
  • mixers, beaters for dough and fillings
  • dough dividing and moulding
  • machinery and equipment for production of fine pastry and teacakes
  • baking
  • spiral transport systems

Plastics industry

  • silos for the storage of granules and automation of transport and loading into production
  • automated transport of granules to the production nodes and their dosage in production machines

Training center

  • professional training and education center

Training center

The decision to build the training center resulted from legislative demands relating to the implementation of industrial units for storage and dosing of bulk and liquid raw materials. A large number of standards and laws are associated with these problems the supplier has to respect and guarantee for the investor. Their wording, compliance and fulfilment are changing with every order. Thus such order becomes the original created according to the investor’s requirements and the phase of education in connection with specific requirements becomes a never ending cycle. A quite demanding thematic sphere is also the sphere of the technological solution and permanent innovation of managing systems and software. The condition of the future development of the company, maintaining and straightening its position on the market is conditioned by extensive knowledge and perfect orientation in the mentioned issues by all employees of the company FUTURPOL, Ltd.

The solution of this problem was offered by building the sectoral training center that helped solve preparedness and training of the individual divisions of the company. They can offer, together with a closed project, also its problem-free operation in accordance with all legislative standards. A positive contribution of the built training center is also technological and educational cooperation with companies implementing related and mutual compatible business and research activities.