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CEPI - raw materials economics – flour economics

Outdoor tanks

GLOBOSILOS™ are outdoor tanks made of rustfree materials AISI304 with the storing capacity from 10 to 150 m3. In their standard design, they are delivered with lockable door for the emptying cone of the silo, fluid and vibration systems of emptying, probes of gauge indicator, ladders and stepping footbridges and safety elements according to ATEX standard.

Indoor tanks

SILBOX™ metal assembled silos in the variant of steel core with electrolytically applied layer of aluminium alloy in the all-rustfree finish. The fluid system of emptying, module structure suitable for confined areas with limited height. Storing capacity from 1 to 50 t.

SILSYSTEM™ Trevira silos with the patented technology HT designed for installing in internal premises. The bases of squared or rectangular ground plan with vibrating beds with the advantage of adjusting for non-standard areas. The storing capacity from 1 to 60 t. The patented trevira fabric from the company CEPI is the only material meeting the valid standard CE ATEX.

MICROCOMPACT™ Tanks for storage and dosing of micro raw materials. Manual or pneumatic filling of tanks, exact dosing of micro components with very exact weighing out each of them, with the subsequent transfer for processing. The possibility of chain supplying of other tanks.