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CEPI - raw materials economics – flour economics


Bulk materials in the range of a grain size of 30 microns (e.g. powdery dust) to 15 mm (e.g. soya beans) in tanks from 1 m3 to 150 m3 in outdoor stainless steel tanks or indoor metal or trevira silos.


We convey raw materials by pneumatic vacuum or pressure conveying or mechanically, using screw or spiral conveyors.

Pneumatic conveyance of raw materials

In the form of pressure or vacuum, reliable and noiseless, and with the guaranteed additional cleaning of the routes during transport. A wide range of capacities of up to 50,000 kg/h.

Ways diverters gravity and pneumatic

Necessary for automatic redirection of the flow according to your requirements.


For pneumatic conveying and gravity filling, made of stainless steel; the screen diameters and capacities according to materials to be sifted; an electro-pneumatic valve for the automatic removal of dirt outside the sifter; high sifting capacities.


Installed in the pneumatic transport system for sifting materials of various grain sizes. Quick inspection and maintenance; a capacity of 1,000 to 3,500 kg/h.

Capturing of metal particles (deferisation)

A stainless steel casing – O 250 mm. Widely used in industry for capturing metal particles in raw materials being poured out. Supplied including a service pull-out tray for the easy removal of metallic impurities captured by magnetic plugs.

Bag and Big-Bag unloading system

Universal for all dimensions. Suitable for metering directly into the system or for filling silos. Electric hoists applied directly to the equipment can be used as accessories.

Equipment for sugar grinding

A sugar mill is available including a milled sugar bin with homogenization and with a separate filter unit with an explosion-proof diaphragm. It complies with strictly controlled ATEX standards.

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