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47100 FORLÍ (FC), Italy

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CEPI is engaged in the design and manufacture of equipment for storing, transporting and metering bulk and liquid materials for the food and chemical industries. Founded in 1985, the company has built within its structure competencies needed to realize the production program using automation software at a high competitiveness level.

Thanks to the sales department, the approach of which is focused mainly on professional consultancy and counselling, the company has established a worldwide network of business partners. CEPI has its direct sales offices in many countries. Today’s market responds very quickly; but only the quality, use and reliability of products are parameters that distinguish products from each other. That’s the reason for which CEPI tries to give something more with its offer: a product tailored to the customer’s needs and its facilities, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of information technology.

CEPI is a relatively young company, drawing on experience and regularities in the field gained in practice. Competence relating to design, production, logistics, and deep knowledge of materials and components commonly available on the market has been redistributed among individual managers. During the recent years, the electronics and information technology division has been added to this and made the final product even more targeted to market requirements and demands. The overall control of the operation and functionality of the equipment through the central PLC control panel has become one of the most important arguments for turn-key deliveries of CEPI equipment.

All of this is a reason for justified consciousness of that our company is a true leader in the supply of this equipment for the food industry, especially the bakery, confectionery, and pastry industries.